Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jay!

Today is my hubby's 37th birthday!  We are on vacation in Pennsylvania for the week.  He always takes vacation for his birthday.  I usually don't get him anything since he ALWAYS buys himself something big right around this time of year.  He did it again this year, he bought a 2009 Arctic Cat Yaa Daa Yaa Daa (can you tell that I don't listen about all the details)!  LOL!  But this year I did get him something.  Here it is:

We were out to dinner with some friends last week and we got on the topic of candy.  So I brought this item up so I had to get it from Jay for his birthday.  It is called 80's Retro Candy.  He will have to share though! LOL!

I ordered it on August 9th from Amazon and I am praying that I get it before August 13th before we leave.  It was being delivered from a private vendor out of Woodstock, New York so I may have it in time.  If not, then it will be waiting for him when we get home.

And no, I did not make him a card.  I did that the first year I started stamping.  He opened it, read it and threw it away.  So I refuse to make him a card ever again.  Do you believe that????

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Fun gift that is sure to bring back memories for him! They just don't get the card thing do they?

  2. Fantastic gift! Happy birthday to your hubby.

    Man, we've had like ZERO rain in PA (at least my part of PA) all summer, and this week, we've had RAIN. I hope the weather isn't too sucky where you are.

  3. ok, can't resist, all I can say is YUM!

    have a great week, and come visit my lonely blog: