Friday, November 12, 2010

Say Hello to Simba!

Well, as you may have read in my post earlier last week, we had to put our dog, Rusty, down on October 29th.  Now I have some good news to share.

Meet Simba!

Here is his story:

On Saturday, October 30th, we received a call from my MIL saying that one of my hubby's cousins had a 6 month old black lab that needed a home.  She is moving out of her house and into an apartment in December and could not take him.  Simba needed a home or he was going to end up in a shelter.  So hubby and I talked about it everyday until last Tuesday when we went down to meet him.  OMG, we fell in love!  He is gorgeous, gentile and lovable.  We decided to take him for weekend as a trial run and would return him on Sunday.  We are leaving for Walt Disney World on Monday, November 15th so we thought that it might be easier on the dog to go back with them until we were back from our trip.  So on Friday, we went to get him and it was decided that we should just keep him since 2 of the owner's kids were crying and upset that Simba was leaving.

There is some significance to his name with us.  When Rusty was a puppy, for the first two years of his life, he had a stuffed Simba from the Disney Store that he carried around and sucked on his neck all the time.  Simba was constantly having surgeries to be repaired so Rusty could play with him longer.  Well one day, the repair was too much for me to do so we had to toss Simba and Rusty had to become a big boy.  If this is not a message from Rusty, then I don't know what is!

So we had fun with him all weekend.  Here's proof:

Simba has had a rough life for being only 6 months old.  We are his third home.  His first owner abused him for the first 2 months of his life until my hubby's cousin rescued him from them.  He stayed with her for 4 months until she left because her husband was beating her, the kids and the dog.  He was also confined in a crate that was way too small for him for 23 hours a day and was muzzled.

So, we decided that we are going to spoil him rotten and finally give him a home that he deserves.  So am I doing it right???

He is a great addition to our family!  Thank you Rusty for sending Simba to us!!!


  1. I think that Simba looks amazingly spoiled, just as a dog should always be! Lucky Simba, getting an amazing new home!

  2. Hi Diane! So happy for you, your DH and Simba! And, what a wonderful tribute to Rusty by Simba after one of Rusty's first toys, definitely a message from Rusty that Simba is part of the family! :)

  3. oh I'm so happy for you all - especially for Simba! I love the significance his name has for you.

  4. He looks so happy! I'm glad Rusty sent him to you.

  5. Oh i love him! So happy he found a good home! We have a black lab pup too! He is adorable looks so much like yours!