Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abigail's New Hope (Wayne County #1) by Mary Ellis

Summary from Good Reads: As an Amish midwife, Abigail Graber loves bringing babies into the world. But when a difficult delivery takes a devastating turn, Abigail is faced with some of the hardest choices she has ever had to make. Despite all her efforts, the young mother dies'but the baby is saved.

A heartless judge confines Abigail to the county jail as the investigation begins, and the possibility of prison and separation from her husband, Daniel, and young children looms. Abigail's younger sister, Catherine, comes to care for the home and kinner while Daniel works in the barn and fields. Catherine makes a difference in all their lives, but in return her life is completely changed. She meets Daniel's cousin Isaiah, and an unexpected birth of another sort takes place in Wayne County.

A deeply moving look at some of life's most tender and rewarding moments from beloved author Mary Ellis.

Abigail is a midwife in Wayne County.  One night she gets a phone call that will change her life.  She did everything she could to save Ruth Fischer but to no avail.  Nathan Fischer is now left to raise little Abraham on his own without a mother for his son.  But the local sherriff believed that Abby was responsible and ends up in jail for several months.

During her time in jail, Abby's sister Catherine moves in to help Daniel with the children and the household chores.  Although Catherine is not Abby, after some time, the family adjusts to living with her including Daniel's cousin who lives in a cabin in the woods.  Cat, as Isaiah calls her, yearns to help him since he is secluded from the Amish community because he deaf and never learned to read, write or talk.  They build a unique friendship that helps both of the become stronger people in the long run.

This is the first book that I read from Mary Ellis and I really enjoyed it!  She is a wonderful writer who develops her characters thoroughly.  They are all easy to love!  I will be reading more from her in the future including the next book in this series, A Marriage for Meghan, which is coming out later this year.

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