Monday, January 23, 2012

Hannah's Journey - Anna Schmidt

Summary from Good Reads: What could bring an Amish widow and a wealthy circus owner together? Though Hannah Goodloe knew she'd violated countless unwritten laws, she had to visit the only man who could help find her runaway son. But when the enigmatic Levi Harmon agreed to take her on his train, the results were utterly unpredictable.

Levi never expected to find the embodiment of all he wanted in a woman in the soft-spoken, plainly dressed Hannah. And for Hannah, to love an outsider was to be shunned. The simple pleasures of family, faith and place to belong seemed an impossible dream. Unless Levi unlocked his past and opened his heart to God's plan.

This story takes place in the mid-1920's in Florida. I have never read an Amish book whose community was from here. Hannah, along with her sister in law and father in law, take a train ride with the circus to find her son Caleb who ran away with the circus. It was discovered early that he was safe but the train had to make it's way to back to Wisconsin. The trip was interesting as they were in contact with circus performers but they stuck to their Plain ways.

Once they arrived in Wisconsin, Hannah and Levi developed feeling for each other. Hannah could not let those feeling grow since Levi was not Amish. As the book progressed, so did their relationship.

I have never read a historical Amish fiction book before, never mind one with the circus as well. I thought the book was just okay while they were traveling on the train. I enjoyed it more once the story shifted to Amish life. I was very pleased with how this story played out.

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