Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Struggle - Wanda E. Brunstetter

Summary from GoodReads: Welcome back to Kentucky, where an Amish couple from Lancaster County seeks a new future in the land of tomorrow. When Timothy Fisher decides to move his wife, Hannah, and daughter Mindy to Christian County, where two of his brothers now reside, Hannah is very reluctant to go. Will the new home Timothy builds for them there do anything to lift her spirits? When a tragic accident occurs, Timothy and Hannah are inconsolable. Is an abrupt separation the beginning of the end of their marriage, or will they rally to seize a God-given second chance?

Timothy Fisher moves his wife and daughter from Pennsylvania to Kentucky for a fresh start away from Hannah's over-bearing mother.  Hannah and her mother are very close, to the point where her mother's needs are put ahead of Timothy's constantly.  Therefore, Hannah is very reluctant to go and has her mind set that she will be miserable.  She becomes very negative toward Timothy and others making her miss her mother even more.  They finally move into their own house and Timothy hopes that this will be a positive beginning for Hannah.  Then one day, tragedy strikes Timothy and Hannah and they wonder if they can make it through it.  Will they survive and move on?

This was a highly awaiting third book of the Kentucky brothers series by Wanda Brunstetter.  I love her writing style and her character development, I felt like I knew everyone personally.  For most the book, I personally wanted to slap Hannah and tell her to get over it.  Timothy had his reasons for uprooting his family to Kentucky and she is just going to have to live with it as his wife.  She is constantly nagging him and telling him that she wished she never left Pennsylvania.  This was causing more stress on their marriage than if they stayed.  Some people just don't a good thing when they have it.  But once they moved out of Samuel's house into their own, Hannah starts to become a little more comfortable until tragedy strikes and makes things even more worse than when they first got there.

A special thanks to Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me to review this book in advance for an honest review.  I loved this book and it was a great conclusion to a great series!

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