Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wedding Quilt for Ella - Jerry S. Eicher

Summary from GoodReads: Ella Yoder's wedding with Aden Wengerd and the building of their dream house is set for June. But when Aden is suddenly taken from her, Ella begins to doubt God's love.

When her family pressures her to marry the new young bishop, Ella asks for six months to heal from Aden's death. Meanwhile, Aden's brother, Daniel, helps Ella build her dream house based on a drawing by Ella's sister, Clara and now incorporated into Ella's wedding quilt.

Can healing come through a house?  A quilt?  A community?

Ella Yoder is getting married soon until tragedy takes her true love, Aden, away from her.  Her life has been changed forever.  She is having difficulty moving on with her life and vows never to love again.  When she receives a marriage proposal from the young bishop, for her parent's sake, she does not turn him away immediately as she wished but told him to come back in six months.  During that time, Aden's brother, Daniel, tells her about the money that Aden saved to build her a house.  After talking to both families, they begin the construction of the house as Aden would have liked it.  Will Ella ever love again?  Will this house help her to move on and possibly love again?

I actually enjoyed this book!  The Fans of Amish Fiction group on GoodReads read this back in February and it sparked lots of discussion, good and bad.  Although it was not your typical Amish romance, death is a part of life.  It was interesting to read who the Amish prepare for the burial, deal with mourning and move on with life.  It was a rather sad start to a series but I loved how the community came together to help build Ella's house.  I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series to see how thing work out for Ella and her community.

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