Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Big Brown Monster

Here is my big brown monster!

I have been working on this quilt for about 18 months.  It is so large that I would work on it and not see much progress so I would put it aside.  Finally, I decided to finish it up!  It is a king size quilt, 111" by 111", hence it's nickname!
I did not even attempt to machine quilt this one myself due to its enormous size.  Instead, I paid to have it quilted by Lucie at Lakeside Quilting in Holland, MA.  Lucie teaches several classes at Meeting House Fabrics in Wales, MA and does wonderful work.

Here is a detailed picture of the machine quilting:

I also made the two shams along with two king size and two queen size pillowcases with the leftover fabric.  I always buy too much fabric because I am afraid of running out so I put it to good use!
My hubby said that this is the most beautiful quilt that I have made so far.  I'd have to agree!!! :)

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