Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Puppy Love - Meet Misty

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything here on my blog, but this is worth sharing.  

We bought a puppy, a sister, for Hershey!

Meet Misty:

Misty is a 4 month old keeshond poodle mix.  She weighs 18 pounds and is mostly fluffy fur.  They are saying that she should be about 35 pounds full grown but I have a feeling that she is going to be a little bigger.

Here is a picture of her after her first bath:

She is mild mannered, sweet, gentle and even lazy by normal puppy standards.  She will run around and play with Hershey and after 10 minutes, she is laying down relaxing.  She has been meeting our neighbors and their dogs and she is more than happy to meet everyone.

Here is Misty meeting her brother Hershey for the first time:

Hershey is really taking to her and they are becoming great friends!

I am so excited that we finally found a sister for Hershey!  She will make a great addition to our family!

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