Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My First Topsy Towel

I found the time to make my first topsy towel on Sunday.  I thought that these looked cool!  They took a little while to make but that is how it always is when attempting something new for the first time.

The hardest part about this whole project was trying to take a picture of it since my kitchen island is right in front of my stove!  LOL!

If you'd like to make one these for yourself, here are the project instructions from Embroidery Library, Topsy Towel.


  1. Hi Diane. I've been looking at all your embroidery projects. Wonderful!! I love pink onesie. That grandma is going to be very happy! This towel is too cute.

  2. Oh this is sooooo cute!!! I've never tried one of these, but may have to now. TFS

  3. I didn't know what a topsy towel was, but once I saw your photo it looks like an interesting idea. No more towel falling off the oven handle.

  4. I love this one two... How do you have time to work???