Monday, December 21, 2009

There Goes My Raise This Year!

When my boss saw a bib that I made (the last one on Saturday's post), he needed me to embroider that saying on a shirt for his grand daughter.  He wanted to get his wife good with this one:

But he is always trying to get his wife going.  For instance, he has been asking her to make him a T-shirt quilt for years.  So to get her working on it again, he threatens to bring it into work and will pay me to make it for him.  So I do not want any bad marks against me with my boss' wife, so I decided to get him back by making this shirt for her:

Since I have opposite days off next week from my boss, I am going to wrap this up and leave it on his desk and have his wife's name on it with a note on it that she is not to open it until Christmas Day.  I don't want to ruin his surprise but I do want to get him back.  So, like this entry is titled, there goes my raise for this year!  LOL!


  1. Haha!! Diane I LOVE what you've made here! What a great gift double whammy for the two of them, they'll get a kick out of it on Christmas day. Beautiful job with the embroidery, and perfect colors too. Thank you for the smile!! :D

  2. Cute story to go along with your cute baby clothes.

  3. hey ladybug......can you please send me your email and the other girls emails...god i hope you have them...i deleted my email account on i nothing..don't have y'alls contract or anything..i sure hope you can help me...i feel so stupid..thanks and big hugs...bye the way the onesies are to cute

  4. That is too cute!! You do fabulous work!!

  5. this story is so funny... I wonder how the reaction of his wife was...