Sunday, October 17, 2010

Airplane Quilt

Here is a quilt that was ordered by a co-worker for her one year old nephew.

She requested airplanes, boyish colors, no flower prints, no orange, no pink and no purple.  So I think I covered it rather well.  This pattern took a little longer than normal since I am attempting to work with more detailed pieced blocks.  This pattern is called Stitched Leaves Pattern and I got it over at Connecting Threads.  Grab your copy of the block pattern HERE!  Instead of fussy cutting the centers, I embroidered two different airplanes for half of them and left white centers for the rest.


  1. In one word: BEUATIFUL!!!!!!

    Have a nice day!..
    Gr. Mieke

  2. wow this is beautiful you are so clever xx

  3. Just gorgeous! Do you machine quilt or hand quilt? Either way, impressive!