Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet Sebastian!

This is Sebastian, my 1-1/2 year old bearded dragon!

I purchased him from someone on Craigslist who needed to get rid of him since they are moving to an apartment that does not allow pets.  I have wanted one every since I saw one at Claws N' Paws zoo in Pennsylvania last 4th of July.  Jay and I started pricing everything that was needed to get started and it was way more than we wanted to spend.  So we started watching Craigslist instead so I could give a bearded dragon a second chance at a good home.

We brought him home on Tuesday night after an hour and a half ride in the car.  I think it may have stressed Sebastian out a little bit.  Rusty, our dog, is having a hard time dealing with him.  Since his cage is on our old coffee table and is the right height for him, he walks around the cage and whines at Sebastian.  I don't think he knows what to think of him!  All he knows is that his mommy is crazy!  LOL!

This is him hunting.  We stopped at a pet store on Wednesday night and got him some more things along with 20 crickets.  OMG, he loved it!  He had so much fun and it was rather fun to watch too!


  1. I love bearded dragons! They are the cutest!

  2. Oh, I'm a sucker for just about any kind of pet (except spiders...aack).....

    Your bearded dragon is ADORABLE!