Monday, January 17, 2011

Beginner's Knitting Class

On Sunday, I went to my local quilt shop, Meeting House Fabric and Trim, for a beginner's knitting class with my neighbor Denise and her sister-in-law Carol.  I have never knitted before or even held needles.  My mom taugh me how to crochet but I can only do the straight chain to make a blanket, I can't even make granny squares.  The knitting classes are every Sunday from 1 to 4 pm and are reasonably priced at $12.50 per class.  The teacher was wonderful!!!  I may go back in a week or two to learn how to purl after I feel more comfortable and confident.

Before class, we went over to Mt. Laurel Yarn Boutique in Sturbridge, MA to get our materials.  I found this great yarn called Encore Tweed.  It was recommended by the shop owner since we were beginners.  We also found some nice size 8 birch wood needles in a 10" length made my Brittany.  This store was very helpful and informative.  I will be going back there again!

Here is what I have completed so far on my scarf:

I actually had several more rows completed but I pulled them out.  I had a couple of holes and I was adding more stitches to each row as I kept working.  I think I have figured out my problem now.  It was really fun and I am impressed that I picked it up so fast.  I was actually working on this last night while "actively watching" TV.

I am also looking to buy a book from Amazon to teach me more techniques with some easy projects.  I ended up picking Teach Yourself Visually Knitting for the kindle.  I thought I would try out a kindle book first that way I will always have the book with me and not have to lug one around.

I'll be sure to share a picture of the completed scarf when it is done!

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