Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nor'easter Hits MA!

OMG, it is amost 4:30 pm on Wednesday and it is still snowing here!  We easily have 20+ inches of snow or more at my house on top of the mountain in Wales.  My hubby even tried using my snowmobile in all of this white stuff and it was actually too much snow to play in.  I never thought that I would ever hear him say that!  LOL!  Right now, he is outside doing his third pass of the driveway with the snowblower.

Here are some pictures from my back deck (because I am not going outside today):

That is our patio set.  The snow is up to the table!

That is our gas grill.  Where is the gas tank?  Under all that snow!

So today I did about 3 hours of work that I brought home with me last night.  Then I decided to bake.  I made Cracked Top Molasses Cookies and Ginger Bars.  Yummy!  I read for a little while and I am now thinking about doing some quilting but my craft room is much cooler than the rest of the house so I may just read some more this evening in front of the pellet stove!

Oh yeah, here is something cool that I heard today while my hubby was watching The Weather Channel this morning.  As of today, all of the states in the United States, except for Florida, have snow!

*** UPDATE*** On the local news last night, it was reported that Monson and Wales received the largest amounts of snow of over 30 inches!!!!


  1. I think we have about 18" children could not even go sledding because it was too deep!

  2. We had a similar amount of snow in Scotland back in November, it was insane! Pretty much all transport shut down for a couple of days because we've not had weather like this in years, and generally we only get snow in January. It was incredibly pretty but ridiculously useless. As much as I love curling up inside with a book and watching the snow fall in the garden, I was worried about not getting home from Uni. in time for Christmas.

    Enjoy your snow when it's at the light and fluffy stage - it's such a pain when it turns to slush!