Friday, February 25, 2011

Dark Harvest - Karen Harper

Summary from Good Reads: Widower Luke Brand is a leader in the peaceful Amish community of Maplecreek. But now his people are under attack from unknown assailants -- and the main target appears to be the children. Although the community is reluctant to turn to the outside world for help, a particularly vicious assault leads Luke to the local police.

Policewoman Kat Lindley is running from the big-city job that nearly got her killed, and from the memories of the abused boy she failed to save. Now she agrees to undertake a dangerous masquerade within the Amish community, desperate to save Maplecreek's children.

Together Luke and Kat are determined to bring justice to the perpetrators, while struggling to suppress the unspoken and forbidden feelings growing between them. But when the case takes a deadly turn, Kat must race to uncover the menace that threatens the people she has grown to deeply respect -- before Luke becomes the next target.

Kat went undercover in Maplecreek to help figure out who was responsible to the recent string of hate crimes against the Amish.  Along the way, she become very close and involved in the Brand family.  They accepted her with open arms all the while knowing that this was a temporary situation.  Her police skills got her into trouble but in the end, it helped to figure it all out.

For some reason, I just could not get into this book.  I don't know if it is due to the weather or because of my new interest in knitting or just because.  It took me over 3 weeks to finish this book.  Every time I sat down to read it, I started to fall asleep.  I was determined this week to finish it.  I must admit, once I had 100 pages to go, it really picked up for me.  I could not put it down and I had to finish it.  I did like the little twist in the end of who did it and who was helping.

I don't think that I will be reading any other books from her in the near future.  Let's just chalk it up to the fact that I read this book at the wrong time.  Her character development was wonderful and her description of the area became very visual to me.  I just could not get into it.  Sorry!

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