Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2-at-a-time SOCKS - Melissa Morgan-Oakes

Summary from Amazon.com: Sock knitters everywhere know the frustration of Second Sock Syndrome. It goes something like this: A cute new sock pattern and soft, foot-warming yarn lead to many happy knitting hours, resulting in . . . ONE sock. The first sock is done (and it's adorable!) but pattern distraction sets in. Who wants to knit the same project all over again? There are so many new projects waiting to be discovered.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes ends the drudgery of the second sock by showing knitters how to cast on and knit two socks at one time on one long circular needle! Her method is captured in step-by-step photographs, clearly showing knitters how to turn out two socks at the same time. Goodbye to lonely, abandoned single socks. Hello to unlimited pretty pairs, knit on one needle (often finished on the same day), and worn with pride and that gratifying sense of accomplishment.

Oakes is a dedicated knitter, knitwear designer, and knitting instructor who has known the frustration of Second Sock Syndrome. Her easy-to-learn technique enables sock stitchers to adapt any pattern to her two-at-a-time method. But before experimenting with other patterns, readers will want to try Morgan-Oakes's 15 original designs. Fun and creative, they include simple to complex choices, a variety of yarn weights, and designs for women, men, and children.

Socks are small, relatively inexpensive, and interesting to knit — a favorite portable choice of busy knitters. Keep the fun in sock-stitching with the innovative new technique that produces two socks — yes, that's one sock for each foot — at the very same time!

I originally learned to knit socks 2-at-a-time from the toe up about a month ago.  Then I discovered that if I learned how to knit socks from the cuff down that I would open myself up to tons of more sock patterns.  So I jumped in and starting making the sample socks in purple and pink which I will give to a co-worker for her two year old daughter.  So far so good but I have only done the cuff and leg.  I must admit, I do like that the cuff is more durable than using the invisible bind-off on the toe up socks.  But you must know something, I am a sock newbie, this is only my 5th pair of socks so far in my knitting career.  I am enjoying this book with very thorough descriptions and pictures to assist me as I work through every step.

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