Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Shower Pictures

This past weekend, Jay and I traveled 5 hours up to Waterville, Maine to be with my cousin Jessica for her baby shower.  She had no idea that we were coming!

When we got to her apartment on Saturday, my aunt and uncle went in first while we waited in the hallway.  Dave, Jessica's boyfriend, said she was in the bathroom getting ready.  So I went in, put down my gifts and walked to the bathroom and said "Are you freaken ready yet?"  Jessica shreaked and gave me the biggest hug ever!  That alone was worth the 5 hour drive up to spend the weekend with them!!!

Here are some pictures from my cousin, Jessica's, baby shower.  She opened gifts from the family at her apartment before heading over to Dave's mother's house for the shower.

Jessica meeting Jerry the Monkey:

With all of the baby washcloths:

Opening up her quilt:

When she read the quilt label, For Pig Rolls, she almost cried!  I am so glad that Jay thought about putting that on the label, it was perfect!

Here are the four of us (Dave, Jessica, Me and Jay):

Here are Dave, Jessica, Aunty Dee and Uncle Bob:

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Thank you Aunty Dee and Uncle Bob for letting us stay with you so we could spend some time catching up with you.  While we were there, we were also able to Skype with my cousin Jeff, his wife Alicia and his two year old son Julian who live in Virginia while we were there.  Man, when did I get so old???

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