Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ella Finds Love Again - Jerry S. Eicher

Summary from GoodReads: Bestselling author Jerry Eicher concludes the Little Valley Series with one more glimpse into young Ella's Amish world. She loves the widower Ivan Stutzman's children and enjoys caring for them. Although she is genuinely devoted to Preacher Stutzman and keenly aware of his desire to propose, her feelings for him stop short of romantic love. Yet Ella yearns for marriage and wonders if what she and Ivan have is enough.

When the handsome Englisha stops by and asks about converting to the Amish faith, Ella is intrigued and warily agrees to meet with him. Soon Ella realizes she's torn between her devotion to Ivan and his children and her growing feelings for the Englisha. With dire consequences at stake, Ella must determine what the truth is, if her feelings are dependable, and how to stay faithful to the will of God.

Ella Yoder is caring for Preacher Ivan Stutzman's three motherless girls during the week and he begins courting Ella.  Although she is currently does not love him, she feels that she could grow to love him since she is in love with his girls.  When she meets Robert, an Englisha who is collecting information about joining the Amish faith, Ella starts having feelings for him like she did for her first love Aden.  Will Robert become Amish or is it just a passing thought?  Where will that leave Ella and Ivan?
I enjoyed how this series ended!  I am so glad that things worked out for Ella and that God's plan worked out favorably for her.

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