Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Minute Block - Bright Baby Quilt

Here is a baby quilt that I made for my cousin Michael and his wife, Kristen:

As you can tell by the colors, they do not know what they are having.  So I decided to make a bright and neutral baby quilt for them.  This is the same quilt block that I used to make the pillow from this post, but I folded the edges over for a curved edge or cathedral window look.  I hand sewn the inside edge to help it lay flat (yes, I used a needle and thread ~ no sewing machine).  I placed the blocks so the center of the quilt was focusing on the yellow squares.  I really liked how this came out!

Quilting this quilt stumped me!  Usually, I stitch in the ditch along the block squares making a grid but I could not do that with this quilt pattern.  So I went through my supplies and pulled out some quilting stencils that I bought in Lancaster, PA two years ago.  Perfect!  Here is a close up of the center:

Here is the quilting stencil that I used for the border:

Using stencils was much easier than I thought!  I think next time I will not use the walking foot but I would use the stimpling foot and drop the feet on my sewing machine to do it more freely.  Also, I used a washable marker to mark my stencils so I had to wash the quilt after it was done to remove it.  My neighbor, Denise, told me about a marker that she bought at the quilt store in town that comes off with heat from the iron.  I bought one on my way to dinner on Sunday!  I can't wait to try it!

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