Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Herstyler Grande Hair Professional Curling Iron Review

I was approached in by someone in the mall recently to try out some new hair product by Herstyler, a clipless curling iron and a ceramic flat iron.  I really liked the results but the cost was obnoxious, $150 for one for $200 for the set.  So when I got home, I googled it and found the same clipless curling iron on Amazon for $25.  Here is the one I bought:
I have poker straight long hair of medium thickness.  Here is the back of my hair naturally:
I have always wanted curls and/or wavy hair but the curls never take or stay.  I am also hair challenged and I have never been able to use curlers or a curling iron with positive results, plus I am impatient.  So I used the Herstyler curling wand for the first time the other night when I got home from work after it arrived.  Here are my results:
I found this to be relatively easy to use!  I was able to accomplish these results in about 20 minutes with little effort.  All I did was wrap about 1 inch of hair around the barrel with the tip pointed down so that the barrel could not be seen.  This produced nice tight curls instead of waves.  I did not anything to my hair before or after curling it.  I did this around 5:30 at night and when I went to bed at 10, it is super wavy.  By morning is was still a little wavy and would have needed some major touch ups.
I would highly recommend this clipless curling iron!

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