Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forgiven - Shelley Shepard Gray

Summary from Good Reads: Tragedy strikes--a brother and sister find themselves facing a situation that will shape the rest of their lives. When a fire destroys the Lundys' barn, Winnie is injured trying to get the animals to safety. Confined to a hospital for weeks, out of touch with her loved ones who live too far away to visit by buggy, she must depend on Englisher Samuel Miller to keep her company. Though his family is part of Winnie's tight-knit Amish community, Samuel left years earlier to pursue a university education. Through conversations, and Samuel's dedication to her recovery, a friendship forms. But despite their growing attraction, Winnie knows it can never develop into something more as long as Samuel chooses to remain in the outside world. When Winnie returns home, she finds her brother, Jonathan, struggling with his own dilemma. Cigarette butts were discovered in the debris of the barn and Jonathan is determined to find out who is responsible for destroying his property and putting his family at risk. But in a community founded on grace and forgiveness, will his unwillingness to move on eat away at the trust that is the foundation of their lives?

In the middle of the night, Jonathan Lundy's barn is engulfed in flames as he rushes to rescue all his animals and save his sister Winnie.  Winnie ends up in the hospital for a short period of time with burns on her legs and a broken foot.  Since her brother was busy trying to clean up the disaster, he asked Samuel Miller to take her and visit her regularly since he lived and worked near the hospital.  Samuel left the Amish community before being baptised to continue his education and is now a college professor of agriculture.  He likes his job but has always felt like he did not fit in with the English.  A budding friendship develops while visiting Winnie in the hospital that make him question everything about his English life.  Will Winnie and Samuel join in either the English or Amish world?  Will Winnie finally find the love that she has been looking for?

This is the last book in the series of Sisters of the Heart.  I throughly enjoyed it!  I originally read Grace first and I decided to read the whole series from the beginning.  I love how each book revolved around a different person's relationship and how they all became "Sisters of the Heart."  I love Shelley Shepard Gray's writing style and her character development makes you feel like you are there with them.  I will be reading more from her in the future.

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