Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Secrets Beneath - Kathleen Fuller

Summary from Book Sneeze: Rebekah Yoder loves a good mystery—that is, until she becomes a part of one.

Rebekah Yoder has always been curious . . . or nosy depending on whom you ask. When a Yankee stranger moves into the house next door, she’s fascinated. Who is this strange old man who never waves or smiles? When Bekah sees him digging holes in his back yard, she’s sure there is a case to be solved.

Unfortunately, when her cousin blabs the story to the whole school, rumors fly. Is he hiding something? Treasure? Victims? And worst of all, annoying Caleb Mullet is now determined to solve the mystery with her. What they don’t realize is there’s not just secrecy lurking next door—there’s danger. Will Bekah take her curiosity too far?

But there is more than one case to solve around Rebekah's house. Her visiting cousin is hiding secrets too. What more does an Amish girl need to keep her curious? Follow Rebekah as she finds out more than she wanted to know and learns that being curious can be good, but being nosy is something else. This book was easy to read and had a fun story to follow.  It is nice to see how Amish kids live for change from the other adult Amish stories I have read.

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