Monday, March 21, 2011

Double Bump Dishcloth

Here is my latest dishcloth:

Here is a close up of the pattern:

This dishcloth was very easy to knit.  I found that the stitches were much looser than normal this time.  I do have a hard time seeing the pattern with the variegate yarn so I will have to make it again with a solid color.

Pattern: Double Bump Dishcloth
Yarn: Lily Sugar N' Cream #19739 Over the Rainbow
Needles: US 7


  1. I do not understand the instructions. Do you start right in on 1st row after casting on. Isn't there any top or side border. How do you end up with 13 rows.

    1. After you cast on, you will begin with Row 1. The pattern consists of 4 rows and you will repeat it 12 more times for a total of 13. So 13 is the number of pattern repeats not total rows. I can see your confusion! Good luck!

    2. thank you, got it