Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Needles - Product Review

I really loved working with the circular needles for the market bag project.  I found them to be more comfortable than straight needles and I do not hit the cat or the bearded dragon in the head with the ends!  LOL!  I wanted to get some but if I was to buy them individually between all the needle sizes and different cord lengths, it could cost a fortune.  So I did lots of research and discovered Knit Picks Options Interchangeable needles.  I purchased the Try It needle set that contains a size 6 Harmony Wood, size 7 Nickel Plated and size 8 Zephyr Acrylic needles along with (2) 24" cords, (4) end caps and a cable key for $19.99.

My needles arrived on Wednesday and I took them out to play right away.  I used each one for 30 minutes by casting on 10 stitches and did several rows of knits, purls, yarn over and knit 2 togethers using 100% cotton yarn which I have been using the most lately.  This way I got a feel for how each one handled all the stitches and techniques that I use regularly on my favorite yarn.

I used the Zephyr size 8 first.  When I was reading some forums about this needle, the biggest complaint was that they squeaked.  It was recommended that you wipe down each needle with warm soapy water before using them.  I did that and I did not hear any squeaking!  I loved how light they felt in my hands.  The fact that the needles are clear did not bother or confuse me while knitting.  I can see that it will be helpful when working with darker yarn.  The needles are super pointy and sharp which comes in handy since I have a tendency to knit tight.  This needle will be great if I decide to try knitting something lacy in the future. 

Next I used the Nickel Plated size 7 needle.  I loved the little bit of added weight above the Zephyr needles.  This needle has the same sharp tip as the Zephyrs.  It is a little slicker but I have always liked using metal needles when working with cotton yarn since the yarn does not have much play.  I also liked the fact that the whole needle is all one piece unlike the other two where there is the metal base and the different material inserted into to it for the tip.

Finally I used the Harmony Wood size 6 needle.  I did not like this one at all.  This needle was too sticky when working with the cotton yarn.  It also felt too delicate to me and I was afraid of breaking it when I tried to knit 2 together.  Also, the colors within the wood grain bothered me and looked too busy.  I had a hard time focusing on the yarn on the needle.  This needle is not for me!  Phew, they are the expensive set!  LOL!

After trying out all three types, I really wanted a full set of the Zephyr AND Nickel Plated needles.  Since I purchased the Try It set, Knit Picks sent me a promotional code for $10 off a full set of Zephyr needles before my Try It needles arrived.  So for $39.99 how could I resist??!!

I bought the full set of Zephyr needles along with a size 15 needle, 40" cables, view sizer and clear needle cable case.

Then it gets even better!  I was surfing on Ravelry and I saw a post under the Knit Picks Options group that someone was selling a full set of Nickel Plate needles, some even unused, for $60 including shipping!  I had to grab it for that price!  Now I have both sets that I loved!!!!

Knitting needles are a very personal purchase.  You can read all the reviews and forums about every brand out there, but you do not know what works for you until you try it yourself!  I would recommend checking out your local yarn store to see what they have in stock to touch and try.  If you do not have local store, then I would recommend purchasing the Try It needle set from Knit Picks.  These are the most reasonably priced interchangeable needles on the market.  They offer a great well-made product and even better customer service with a one year replacement warranty.  Since the needles in the Try It set come in the most common sizes, you will use them even if you don't buy a whole set or you will have doubles of the ones that you use the most if you do.  These three needles will not go unused in any knitters collection of needles.

If you are end up purchasing any of these needles from Knit Picks, please take a moment to watch this video from You Tube on how to use the cable key.  When I first screwed on my metal tips, they kept unscrewing until I tightened them the right way.  Now they do not even move!

Happy knitting and shopping!


  1. Thanks for the review, Diane! I think I'm going to try the try-it-set as well at some point. I haven't tried any cotton yarn yet, but did you check to see if the harmony's worked well on a wool blend yarn?

  2. No I did not try any other types of yarn besides cotton. That is what I have been using the most so I honestly did not even think about it.

  3. I have the harmony set and I primarily knit with wool. The wool slides around very nicely for me. My only issue is sometimes the tips unscrew themselves on me so I have to check. I heard that you have to use the cable key to make sure they are really tight! Anyways, just thought I would give you the wool perspective! <3