Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Promise of An Angel - Ruth Reid

Summary from Good Reads: After a barn raising accident, Judith Fischer's convinced she's met an angel. However, her attempts to convince others end up frustrating her Old-Order Amish community. Only Andrew Lapp believes her, but the rest, including Levi Plank, the man's she's waited to marry, demand she forget the nonsense. Meanwhile, her younger sister Martha has taken a fancy to Levi and sees her sister's controversy as a perfect distraction for turning Levi's head.

In a dream, the angel tells Judith she must choose her path. As her faith continues to grow, so do her feelings for Andrew. Will she continue to place her hope in the angel's message, even if it means losing all she knows and loves?

Judith is good with entertaining children with stories.  When her younger brother, Samuel, has an accident at a barn raising, he becomes paralyzed and is told that he will never walk again.  Judith sees an angel who tells her differently.  When she starts talking about it with Levi, Andrew and her family and everyone does not believe her and is convinced that she is making up more stories again.  The bishop becomes involved and it may affect her as a member of the community.

I felt that this was a heart warming story!  My friends over on Good Reads have been commenting about wanting to slap Levi and I was dying to know why!  I now know and I totally agree with them!  With that aside, Judith discovers a friendship with Andrew that was never there as he is the only one who believes her.  I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading more from Ruth Reid in the future!

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