Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liebster Award

I received the Liebster award from Elizabeth this weekend.  Thanks for giving me this treasured award.  This reminds me, we need to plan our annual road trip to Inspiration Station.  I have a gift certificate that is waiting to be used!  Email me to make plans! :)

What is the Liebster award? Liebster means "favourite" in German, and the award is given by peers to fellow bloggers who have been able to inspire despite their small following. Once accepted, an award recipient must "pay it forward" by completing the following steps:

1) Post the award to your blog.
2) Link back to the person's blog who gave it to you and thank them.
3) Give the award to five bloggers with less than 200 followers that you appreciate and value.
4) Leave a comment on the five blogs you chose to let them know that they have been given the Liebster award.

Here are five blogs that I feel deserve to receive the Liebster award:

1) Amy from Knit...Purl...Wait, What? Damn...

I met Amy through Ravelry. Amy is a fellow knitter who loves to learn new techniques just like I do. She's a natural knitter and let's nothing stop her even when she broke her wrist.  LOL!  We still need to meet up at Web's too!!!

2) Rachel from Thoughts from a Compulsive Reader

I met Rachel over on Goodreads, we are both moderators of Fans of Amish Fiction group. I admire Rachel's reading ability. She goes to college full time, works, is getting married this summer and can read 3-4 books a week. I'm lucky to read a book a week while balancing work, home responsibilities and several craft hobbies. You are my reading hero Rachel!

3) Heather from Stamping Designs by Heather

Heather and I have been friends for over 17 years. She is a mother of two, stamper, scrapbooker, photographer and knitter. We craft together while we are away camping. She is my best friend and fellow crafter! I love you Heather!

4) Camille from A Book A Day

I met Camille over on Goodreads through the Fans of Amish Fiction group.  She another one of my reading heros!  She is finishing up her last year in law school and still finds the time to read and chat with us!  You rock, Camille!

5) Jenn from Stampin' Angel Jenn

I met Jenn on Splitcoast Stampers.  Although we've never met, we live about 30-45 minutes away from each other.  I admire her stamping abilities and that she manages to post a new card to her blog every day.  When I see her work and all her cool stamps, it makes me want to stamp more  I really should since my box of finished cards is getting rather thin!  Thanks for the inspiration Jenn!


  1. Yes!!!! I would love a trip to Inspiration with you!

  2. Thank you Di! We definitely need to get together soon!