Monday, March 12, 2012

Oceans Apart - Karen Kingsbury

Summary from Good Reads: A night that changed everything . . . Eight years ago, during a stormy weekend on the shores of Hawaii, Connor Evans broke his vows. He's kept his secret, until the woman from Connor's past dies, leaving behind a young son . . . Michele never thought her family was perfect, but they were happy. Now her family is on the brink of destruction. Will a lonely child help bridge the distance between them—before it's too late?

Connor Evans is an airline pilot who made a bad mistake. He had an affair with a Hawaiian woman named Kiahana during a stormy night. Eight years later, she dies in a plane crash leaving behind her seven year old son named Max. In her will, she has requested that Max spend two weeks with Connor, his father, before being handed over to the state for adoption. Connor and his wife Michele, did not know of this child until this point.

Will Connor and Michele open their hearts and their home to Max? Will Michele be able to live with Max since he is a constant reminder of the affair? Will their marriage survive this? You'll have to read the book to find out the answers.

This was another wondeful book by Karen Kingsbury! This was a difficult topic to explore. Personally, I don't know if I cold be as strong as Michele if it were me. It takes lots of love, forgiveness and faith in God to make it through it. This is also a reminder that God's plan for you may not be the same as your own plan.

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