Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quilt for Mom

Two weekends ago, I decided to make my mom a quilt for her birthday in April.  I just purchased a book called Weekend Quilting Wonders that I purchased from e-patternscentral.com in digital form for my iPad for $4.95.  My hubby was away snowmobiling in Vermont so I decided to see if I really could make it in a weekend.  I could and I did!  Here it is:



This pattern was so easy!  I started at 10 am on Saturday by picking out the fabric, washing it, ironing it and cutting it.  I was able to have the center of the quilt, without borders, done by 8 pm including breaking for lunch, supper and playing frisbee with Hershey.  I jumped right back into it on Sunday morning at 10 am and I was finishing sewing on the binding when hubby pulled into the driveway at 5 pm.  So I was able to make it in 17 hours!  My hubby loved the pattern so much that I will be adapting it to a king size bedspread for us.

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