Monday, November 26, 2012

A New Color in my Craft Room

Okay, my dear hubby is on a kick to make my craft room better for me.  So for phase two of his master plan, he painted my craft room the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Here is the room before:

My room was the original egghsell that the house was painted when we finished building it.  I was so afraid of adding color that we left it the same for so long.

And now for the after:

The color he chose was Oatmeal Bath from Ace.  I wanted a change from eggshell but nothing too drastic to affect my color planning for making quilts.  This color is about 2 shades darker than the eggshell.  You can notice a slight difference when looking at the white cabinets.  We talked about it before he headed out to Rocky's to buy paint.  I said that I wanted did not want white, yellow, blue, pink, purple and no pastel colors.  I love how it is a subtle change and the room feels good with a fresh coat of paint.

Thanks honey for taking the time to finally paint my craft room!

Stay tuned for phase three ~ Coming Soon!

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