Friday, November 23, 2012

New Craft Room Closet - Grand Finale!

Okay, today is the final step to my new craft room closet transformation.  Are you ready???

Here's Jay installing the new orange shelves that we bought from a packaging company in Palmer from Craigslist.  They are painted orange because we used leftover paint from our bedroom instead of buying more.  It is in a closet anyways so I did not care about the color of them.  Plus orange is nice and bright and cheery!

Look at his cute assistant, Hershey!!!  He just had to get involved!  LOL!

Now, the final result.  May I have a drum roll please???

Starting from the bottom, shelf 1, 2 and the stacked containers on the left of shelf 3 are full of quilting fabric.  The tote on shelf 1 on the right is filled with completed projects.  So when I need a gift or people at work have asked me to bring in stuff, it is easily accessible.  The rest of shelf 3, 4 and 5 are totes filled with yarn, organized by yarn weight.  On shelf 6, I have various shaped totes up there with filled with muslin, stablizer, embroiderable items, 4 quilting project boxes and my bag of accessories to assembling my knitted monsters.

You can barely see it but there another shelf above shelf 6 about 10" high to the ceiling.  I put my packaged quilt batting, pillow forms and stuffing for my knitted monsters.  I do need Jay to get it for me since I am still too short on my step ladder.  Lol!

Also, there is about 11" of space to the right of the shelves.  Jay and I looked at Lowe's for storage options for that space but it is tough with the closet door in front of it.  So I have empty project bags and my sewing maching cover in there.

I am very happy with the results!  Now I do not have to clean out the entire closet to make a quilt or to go digging for specific yarn for a knitting project.  Thanks Jay for all your help and inspiration for making my craft room better!

This completes phase one of the craft room renovations.  Stay tuned for the results of phase two and three!

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