Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jitterbug Quilting Class - Class #3

This week we are assembling the blocks and making the sashing.

Here is a completed block:

I had some problems assembling my first block during class.  My seams were a little short towards the end of the block.  So before I move onward, I am going to check all my seams on the flying geese and make sure that the geese part is 4" long.  I'd rather take the time before I stitch to fix any mistakes than later on when I have to rip our more stitches.

For the sashing, we need 12 strips from the jelly roll cut into 12-1/2" sections.  Then we added a 2-1/2" square on each end like we did for the flying geese.

Here is a completed strip of sashing:

Now I am seeing real progress!  Only one more class until this quilt top is done!

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