Monday, March 10, 2014

Michelle's Bag Set

I've been on a bag kick lately.  My hubby liked them so much that he asked if I could make a set of them for his friend's friend's wife, Michelle.
Here they are:

Here is the cosmetic bag:

This time, I added a handle that was made with a piece of interfacing lined fabric which was 5" by 11".  I think the handle is a little too long so I will try a 5" by 8" piece next time.  I also want the handle to be on the closed zipper end and add a tab on the open zipper end.
Here is the lined zipper bag:

This zipper bag has covered end!  I like how these look better!  I also trimmed the zipper to 1/4" after adding the tabs to reduce some of the bulk in the corners.  It seemed to help!
I reaily like how these come out!  I think these are two of my favorite bags right now!  I will be making more of these sets soon for my Etsy store!  Keep your eyes open!

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