Thursday, June 25, 2009

JustRite Stamps - What to Buy?

I have had some stamping friends comment on my work with JustRite Stamps. They love the flexibility of them but they do not know where to begin purchasing them. So I hope this will help everyone!

Here is how JustRite Stamps work. They use a grid system on the wooden stamper and the centers, borders and letters have "feet" that snap into these grooves.

All of the stamps are colored coded so you can easily see what items will work with what stamper. Read this entry from JustRite Stamper's blog for more information.

Now that you understand how they work, you need to decide what fits your style. I wanted to be able to monogram and to use them as short cuts for sentiments on my cards. So I got the Big Occasions set.

This set gives you 10 different borders and centers for several occasions. I also like the borders to use for monogramming. This set does not include a wooden stamper, so here are your options for purchasing one:

1) You could buy the 1-5/8" Circle stamper, or

2) You could buy the 2" Circle Stamper.

The 2" circle stamper comes with the bonus 15 point font and a 2" center for this stamper. The 2" circle stamper will give you the option to buy 2" and 1-5/8" centers and borders in the future. The 2" circle stamper has two borders, the inside one for your 1-5/8" borders and an outer one which you can use the 15 point font on or your 2" borders. I have both because the 2" circle stamper was just introduced this spring. But if I was starting over, I would only have the 2" circle stamper.

Now as for cutting them out, the 1-3/4" SU circle punch is perfect for the 1-5/8" images (center & border as one item), but cutting out bigger items, you can use your circle nestabilities or bigger punches.

Next, I would look into purchasing a full font set. All of the font sets come with a 95 point font (good for single letter monograms), a 50 point font (good for 3 letter monograms and sentiments) and a 25 point font (good for sentiments). With the exception of the 95 point font, the other sizes have multiple letters, numbers, punctuations and flourishes to help spell things out. I personally would not bother to buy the separate lower case font sets because you can just use the 50 point letters as your uppercase letters and 25 point font letters as your lowercase letters for your sentiments or scrapbook titles.

If you are looking to just do monograms, then any font will work. Otherwise, if you are planning to use them to spell out names and sentiments, I would refrain from the Special Occasions and Trompe font. Although they are very pretty, when the letters are together it is very difficult to read them. I prefer the Times Roman, Brayton and Curlz fonts.

If you are planning on creating your own sentiments, I would invest in the Harmony Rectangular Stamper Set.

This just gives you more room to work with than just the center of the wooden stamper.

Here are some other items that work with the 1-5/8" wooden stamper: Damask 1-Letter Border, From the Desk of/Library of/ Kitchen of Borders, Wedding Stamp Ensemble, What's Cooking Borders & Centers and Favorite Occasions Borders & Centers. Remember, all these items can be used in the 2" wooden stamper too!

Plus, they have another small font, Small Letter Set, it is 6 points and is really tiny but it comes with tweezers to help you use them. I use these letters all the time, they are worth the money!

Also, if you decide to get the 2" circle stamper, here are some more options for this one: Celebration Demi Phrases, Girl Time Borders & Centers and Just a Little Caffeine.

Now if I have not overwhelmed everyone, there are other stamper sizes and shapes. For circles, there are 1-3/8", 2-5/16" (this size is retiring but is on sale under Dollar Store), 2-3/8" and 3-1/4". The centers of the 2-5/16" sets can be used in the new 2-3/8" stamper. For ovals, there are Oval I, Oval II which are retiring too and are on sale in the Dollar Store. If you decide to buy something that is retiring, just be sure to either get the set that includes the wooden stamper or buy it separately.

If you want some more examples that use JustRite Stamper, check out their blog, the gallery in their store or their gallery on SCS.

All these items can be purchased directly from JustRite Stampers using the links that I provided from above. There are other companies that carry these products, such as Stamper's Dream, but they may not have all the items and they do not have the deals from the Dollar Store area.

I hope I have helped to make purchasing JustRite Stamps easier for everyone. Once you receive your first purchase, you will wonder how you ever lived without them!


  1. Nice tutorial! Quite in depth. Good job! Let's see how many people we can convert to using JRS! :-)

  2. I was just looking for this info!! Thanks so much! :) Now I know where to spend my first chunk of JustRite $$! LOL

  3. Hopefully I didn't doublepost...
    But had to tell you I was just online yesterday looking at what to start with, and this helps a ton!! Thanks!!

  4. Thanks so much...I have these on my wish list and am going to save this infor for a future purchace ('cause you know that it will happen!)

  5. Excellent blog post, Diane! And thanks for the link to my store. Actually, I put a few of the JustRite items you recommended on sale today.

  6. You're right. It is hard to know where to start when deciding to purchase Just Rite stamps. I have looked at their site many times but was always unsure what to get so I didn't get anything. Your post is just packed with every bit of info one could need. TFS this.

  7. Wow! Great information. I have a question about ink/paper. I have just purchased the Harmony Classic circle Stamper II 2 5/16" & 3 1/4" sets and have tried them on glossy paper & regular cardstock using dye based ink as recommended. My images are spotty and not clear as I've seen many samples from folks using the stampers. Is there a secret I don't know about? Any information would be great. Am anxious to use for many cards.