Monday, December 3, 2012

A Hope Springs Christmas - Patricia Davids

Summary from GoodReads: Amish widow Sarah Wyse does not see wedding bells in her future. Still, she can't think of a better way to spend the Christmas season than helping her handsome, shy neighbor Levi Beachy find a wife. But once the single ladies of Hope Springs start visiting his buggy shop, Levi sends the town's eligible men Sarah's way. Neither expects to find love—but with help from the close-knit community, they just might mend each other's broken heart.

Sarah Wyse has been a widow for 5 years.  She has always had a difficult time with the holidays.  Everyone she has loved has passed away around the holidays.  This year is worse because the quilt shop she worked at closed for the season so she has nothing to help her stay busy.  So she talks to her friend, Grace, who is having problems with the man who is courting her and talks her into visiting her grandmother.  This will give them both some time to think over their relationship before getting married.  Sarah offers to help Grace's brother Levi at his store in Grace's absence.
Levi Beachy has been raising his brothers and sisters since his parent's died when he was young.  He is a shy man who has never thought of marrying since he has to care for his siblings.  Sarah is determined to play match maker and find Levi a wife before Grace returns so that she can get married.  Will Sarah find a wife for Levi?  Will Sarah every be able to love again?
I really enjoyed another Love Inspired book from Harlequin by Patricia Davids!  I love how Ms. Davids builds such strong characters quickly in these books which are rather short, about 225 pages.  In reading the letter to readers at the end, this is her 7th book in the series of Brides of Amish Country.  I need to see which ones I have missed and get caught up!

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