Monday, December 10, 2012

Dad's Quilt for Christmas

Here is my Dad's completed quilt for Christmas:

This is the quilt that I started while on my quilting retreat back in September.  I love how it came out!  It is 61" x 78" so it should be big enjoy to tuck around him.  I quilted around the outside of each 15" block and on the inside block when I could.  Then I tied the center of each block to secure the ones that I could not quilt around without making it noticeable in the block (mostly the stars).

Back in April, I made my mom this quilt for her birthday.  While we were visiting, she was snuggled under it.  About an hour into the visit, Dad said "Boy, you must be comfy!"  Mom said, "Yes, I am!"  Then I said, "Mom, he wasn't talking to you, he was talking to me because he wants one for his birthday."  Dad said, "How'd you guess?"  But since Dad's birthday is in July, there is no reason for a quilt then so I made it for Christmas.  He is a big Boston Bruins fan so that is why the quilt is black, white and yellow.  Little did I know when he told me that he wanted it in Bruins' colors that I could not find Bruins fabric to use in it.  I was told that is the one sports team that does not license it's logo for fabric.  I hope he likes it!

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