Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Little Amish Matchmaker - Linda Byler

Summary from GoodReads: Simon can’t stop thinking about the pretty Amish teacher at the local one-room school. But he’s ignored the sparks between them because he’s so shy.

So Simon’s little brother, Isaac, takes matters into his own hands. He’s determined to give his brother the best Christmas present ever—a date with his favorite teacher.

Amish novelist Linda Byler brings her tender humor and skillful observation of family relationships to this holiday story. “I love Isaac’s self-confidence and scheming as he prods his reluctant older brother,” she says knowingly about her characters.

Byler takes her reader straight into the Amish world as Isaac is both charmed and annoyed by his too talkative, but quite bright, Mam. He can barely tolerate his little nieces and nephews, who substantially outnumber the grown-ups when the whole family gets together. And he loves his humble, circumspect Dat, although his father isn’t always pleased by how well Isaac sweeps the forebay in the barn.

As anticipation for the Christmas program at the schoolhouse builds, Isaac cares for troubled Ruthie who stutters miserably when she practices her poem. And he wonders how much he’ll have to help his brother Sim act on his growing affection for Teacher Catherine!

This was a wonderful Amish Christmas story about Isaac, a student in 7th grade, as he tries to fix up his older brother Simon with his school teacher.  It focuses on the preparation for the Christmas pagent and how a classroom and community can work together to make it happen.  I really enjoyed reading this book my Linda Byler.  Ms. Byler is Amish so her books tend to have more details about every day life than any other Amish author I have read.  Her thoughts and comments are those that could only come from a true Amish woman.  Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to review this book for them!

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