Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Wheelin' Teddy Bears Quilt

Here is a baby quilt that I just finished.  It was ordered by a co-worker for one of her friends that recently had a little boy.

The embroidery designs are from Embroidery Library and they are called Free Wheelin' Teddy Bears.  Here is a close up of them so you can see them better.

It worked out perfectly that there were 9 bears since I already had selected the quilt pattern.  I just know that Patryk will love and treasure it!


  1. Oh my goodness Diane, this is absolutely beautiful! I've dabbled with patchwork in the past, making duvet covers for myself and kids, but nothing as intricate as this!
    Love as always Gina x x

  2. Well I'll be a bone.. But I posted 3 times a comment and it's still not here..
    So Diane... here I go again...
    I love this quilt.. The little bears are so cute and the colors of the fabris are marvelous.
    I love this one.

    Just amazing work!

  3. Oh Diane
    This is so beautiful and cute!!!!
    I so wish i was as clever....
    Hugs Alison.

  4. OMG That is soo clever. Way beyond my limited talents. Patryk will adore it for years to come.

    Hugs Beccy x

  5. OMG i could never make something like this its absolutely amazing i bet your so proud of yourself you should be i love it xx

  6. Oh Diane, this is one amazing quilt! Love everything about it and I am in awe of your wonderful sewing and embroidery talent!

    Sarah x