Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New Toy!

I have a new toy and it is not craft-related!  What???

On Wednesday, Jay and I bought new bicycles.  Here is mine:

It is a Trek 7000 WSD.  My old one was a Giant brand hybrid and was over 10 years old.  It was starting to need some repairs, so we splurged and bought this one for me.  Since I am only 5'1" tall, I really wanted to get a woman's bike since I have been known to almost fall over trying to get off a man's style bike after a long ride.  It is more upright than my other one with larger tires with more pressure for a smoother ride.

Jay also got another bike too.  Yes, I said another one!  He has a expensive Trex mountain bike that he was using when we went out riding and he wanted a street bike similar to what he already had.  He got a Trex 7.5 FX, which cost almost three times what mine did!

Since I am writing this post on Thursday, I am hoping to report back to you on our ride this weekend.  We are planning to head up to the bike path in Northampton, MA on Sunday morning to have their maiden voyages!

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